leading PM reduction rates and superior DPF regeneration

Our DPF filter formulations are custom tailored to ensure very low passive regeneration temperatures. Most engines will achieve passive regeneration at 530oF. Passive regeneration occurs very quickly and is ideal for standby or emergency applications that are concerned about PM emissions.

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proven product designed for safer operation

Safety Power’s FOx(R) (Filter Oxidizer) DPF has been optimized for high performance low back pressure Particulate Mater (PM) emission reductions. The system ensures compliance with the most stringent Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) requirements.

There are several standard configurations available to fit into your existing space. In addition each FOx(R) DPF system comes standard with our unique pressure relief system. The unique relief system is a safety feature that is essential for sites that could conduct large numbers of cold starts during engine commissioning.

Pressure Relief System Information.


leveraging knowledge to create product excellence

Safety Power is a global innovator in emissions aftertreatment design.

We have extensive in house engineering capabilities, work with leading educational institutes and have a considerable installed base.

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Configure it exactly to your needs

Our optimized Emissions Control System designs are suited for engines ranging from 500kw to 20 MW. Our SCR systems have a large installed base that has been extensively tested by 3rd party compliance firms.