Urea Tanks

standard & custom designs available to fit your site

Urea, also commonly referred to as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is required for operation of SCR systems. Safety Power supplies a complete range of urea tanks. Several sizing options are available in both single and double wall designs. In addition heat tracing and insulated tanks can also be provided for harsh outdoor environments.

Safety Power supplies urea tanks on the majority of our projects; procuring tanks from Safety Power ensures that they come with the correct fittings and ensures that the design will integrate well. For more information on issues to be aware of when selecting urea accessories please see the White Paper link below.

Safety Power also supplies urea transfer systems and compressed air accessories. Make sure to request our recommended accessories when customizing your ecoCUBE® or ecoTUBETM System.

White Paper on Urea Tank Selection.

 Urea Transfer Systems

extensive experience with urea system & transfer designs

Urea transfer systems are generally required for multiple engine projects or for systems that are located far away from the urea supply. Safety Power provides both simplex and redundant duplex urea transfer packaged skids. Included within these systems is the pump control panel.

We have recieved lots of interest and questions regarding urea transfer system design; as a result we recently hosted a webinar on the topic.  

Urea Transfer System Design Webinar Recording.

 Urea Fill Station

bulk urea delivery made easy

Larger indoor tank installations typically require a urea fill station for bulk supply. Our Urea Fill Station panel comes complete with the standard camlock fitting used by commercial bulk suppliers.

In addition our Urea Fill Staton is housed within a lockable, weather proof enclosure and comes standard with a full tank indicator light.

 Air Compressor

compressed air is utilized to atomize the urea injection

Clean dry compressed air is required for SCR operation. Safety Power supplies a complete range of air compressors depending on the application:

  • tankless oiless air compressors, utilized for standby application
  • simplex air compressors with receivers, utilized for prime power or multi engine designs
  • redundant duplex air compressors with receivers, utilized for prime power or multi engine designs